Bob Miller Youre Way Too Cruel

I know better than anyone else that I use way too much passion to make my point. It's just that until Obama came along I haven't witnessed the soft-spoken words of gentle people being heard. I'm glad things are changing. Anyone can become angry ? that's easy. But to be angry with the right person, to the right degree, at the right time, for the right purpose, and in the right way is not easy; at least it's not for me.

No, I do not hate the people in the UK or US who went for Blair or Bush. I just hate their denial now that everyone knows they have been taken for a ride they might not live long enough to get back from. I hate hearing, "We were misled." Blair, Bush and Cheney misled only those who wanted to be misled. Blair could possibly be an exception, but not Bush and Cheney. Their past histories shouted loud and clear their intentions.

When one listened carefully to these two, you couldn't help but laugh because they were so unbelievably transparent. It was the voters, not Bush, who fooled me. Not for a second did I believe George W. Bush could be elected in 2000 regardless of the method used. Sadly for the world, I was wrong.

Because of the geographical location of the US, we enjoy some natural protection from our evil deeds in the Middle East and Europe. But if I lived in the UK, I'd be more concerned about India than Iraq or Iran after what you did to one of the finest human beings to ever grace this planet, Mahatma Gandhi, and his peace loving people. The US and Israel are selling WMD to India and Pakistan by the shipload.

Those of you in the UK, especially England, had better keep your fingers crossed that India and Pakistan never again see eye to eye about your transgressions. What about the US transgressions? Well, that would take more space than I'm allotted here, and more time than I have left on earth to list. But neither your transgressions nor our transgressions are justification for the others. To say a suicide bomber who died for their cause is a coward, and an unseen fighter pilot who sends a smart bomb into a building filled with innocent women and children is a hero just because two habitual liars, George W. Bush and Tony Blair, ordered it is the act of a co-conspirator and hypocrite.

What makes hypocrisy the vice of all vices is that integrity can exist under the cover of all other vices except this one. The criminal confronts us with the bewilderment of fundamental evil; but it's the hypocrite who is a coward and rotten to the core.

Mr. Praful Pidwai writes articles on Anti-war. His writings on Anti-war and Anti-bush has circled the globe and created awareness among people about the hidden ill effects of war. For more information, visit www.serveyournation.com.

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