Illegal Aliens at Car Washes Busted

Allowing illegal aliens in our country is dangerous to our national security and when we allow greedy car wash owners to hire illegal aliens so that they can exploit this labor we are doing a disservice to the safety of the American People. Car wash owners are notorious for hiring illegal aliens and they do it right out in the public. What some people do not realize is that these car washes become a magnet for crime and gangs.

http://www.diggersrealm.com/mt/archives/001292.html.When we need the Swat team to come in with the Border Patrol to make an illegal alien bust at a neighborhood car wash, well we have a problem. Many car wash owners insist they must hire illegal aliens simply to survive as the unemployment rates are so low; under the 5% level currently.

This is a lame excuse, as for 27 years my company in the car wash business, never hired even one illegal alien.The fact is that these car wash owners are simply exploiting the labor and looking for cheap help. Help they do not have to pay benefits too or over time.

Employees who will not complain or point out OSHA violations or sue when they get hurt. The car wash owners are merely exploiting people right in front of the public's eyes. Right out in the open. When are you going to stand up and turn them in when you see these crimes? Consider this in 2006.

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