Should We Accelerate Our Space Program - Many say accelerating our planned lunar manned trips and space base is too risky and it will take time.

Conservative or Liberal - There are two main reasons people call themselves Republicans instead of the more compassionate Democrats.

Protecting the American People Through Technology - It is amazing the latest technologies used in the United States Military; we have certainly come light years in a very short time.

A Republican Jew No Its Not an Oxymoron - In the wake of the 2004 U.

Think Tank Trends in - We have seen the fast expansion along the think tank groups as they move to solve mankind?s most pressing issues.

No Child Left Behind needs to go Virtual - The No Child Left Behind can work if the Federal Government will put up content on the website and allow for those who are; Behind in studies, about to miss a grade level advancement, perform poorly on general tests, at home schooling students (wh.

India Shining Financial Bill Union Govt of India - Financial Bill, 2006-2007.

Turn the Federal Government Over to Wal Mart - It is obvious that the United States of America is the greatest nation ever created in the history of the human species.

The Day the Music Died - Remember when the Berlin wall came down, and some of us had hoped for world peace? One by one, former Soviet Block countries became democracies and we all hoped for the best.

RFID Tags Imbedded in Congressmen - We seem to have a real problem with our United States Senators, Congressmen and Politicians these days.

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