RFID Tags Imbedded in Congressmen

We seem to have a real problem with our United States Senators, Congressmen and Politicians these days. We have scoundrels in the midst who are taking bribes from Lobbyists and prescription drugs too in trade for votes.One insider at a party in Washington DC said the Kennedy Kid in Rhode Island has been addicted to prescription drugs for many moons and he is getting them from a lobbyist in the Pharmaceutical Industry? Is this true? Well, hard to say, as it is only a rumor and rather than get the Kennedy Kid in any more hot water my question is who else are the Big Pharma Lobbyists given drugs too?.You see America we have a problem when the drug suppliers are lobbyists or Doctors to Congressmen and we need to know what other favors these little scum are getting in return? Remember the Defense Contractor Lobbyists trading gifts and cash to the Congressman in San Diego?.Well if lobbyists are giving away free drugs instead of money, well you might say it is the same basic idea only they are saving a boatload of money as a Congressman's ethics go for quite a lower price tag.

So, speaking of tags, lets just put a satellite enabled RFID Tag under the skin of every congressman to see where they go and who they meet with and we may as well chip all the child molesters too? Consider this in 2006.

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