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We have seen the fast expansion along the think tank groups as they move to solve mankind's most pressing issues. We watched as Conservative Think Tanks quickly used this advantage to sway public opinion and control much of the political direction of the nation. Indeed now we have seen the Liberal Think Tanks spring up and spreading propaganda in the media and political arena, some financed and run by "K-Street" liberal lobbying law firms. It is an all out war, with Think Tanks using the perceived advantage of expert opinion and intellectual prowess to control reports, data and information and receive credibility in the media for their purported all-knowing knowledge and views.

In fact we recently saw an initiative by the Democratic Party to invest in think tanks, using their liberal academia influence and extend it into the political arena and turn up the volume a notch or two. To do this they have allotted millions to the formation of think tanks. You can expect a couple of things from the advancement of the Democratic Party using think tanks.1.

) Think Tanks will become less trusted and not perceived as a viable source of information, whether political based think tanks or not.2.) Think Tank participation will increase sharply with many becoming disenchanted with both being used in this way and with the manipulation of their brainpower.3.) There will be a new term other than think tanks emerge which will distance itself from these political based machines which do not serve the term or the forward progression of the species.We will see these trends and it is a shame that these groups will use the cover of a Think Tank to deliver a completely political message, which has so very little to do with actual thinking and more to do with a political agenda which serves no free man in the present period.

Although these liberal based think tanks know no shame. I feel embarrassed for them and their manipulative endeavors, how dare they use the name "think tank" to roll out a political agenda and lie to the masses to serve the will of a few who hate the current leadership and would adjust data, information to simply gain political power. Think on this in 2006.

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By: Lance Winslow

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