Abatement of Nuclear Weapons in Iran

We must not let Iran have nuclear weapons because they sponsor international terrorists and because they have promised to blow Israel off the map. Iran has sponsored war games also with new high-tech military hardware bought from the Chinese and the Russians. They also say that they have developed their own new advanced technologies and weapons of war including a high-speed torpedo and a stealth ICBM missile.Needless to say a nation, which runs around threatening the rest of the world with international terrorism and then proclaims itself a nuclear power, while spouting off radical religious fundamentalism and recruiting suicide bombers is not the sort of nation we need to have the atomic bomb or develop nuclear warheads to put on top of Chinese made rockets with the range of 1500 miles.The United States of America has agreed to meet and talk with the leadership of Iran and offer incentives to get them to stop their nuclear weapons program. Iran is not interested and has turned its nose away from the United Nations Security Council and the nuclear inspectors.

Iran is enriching uranium and will have nuclear warheads very soon. Just because it has been prophesized that there will be a great war in the Middle East is no reason to let Iran start it. I hope you will consider this in 2006, as we need the abatement of nuclear weapons in Iran.

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By: Lance Winslow

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