Who is Really to Blame for this Massive Illegal Immigration

Have you ever stopped to consider who is really to blame for our illegal immigration problems? Sure our United States Government has been lax in our enforcement, however are we really to blame for people wanting to come here so bad they break the law and sneak over the border? If anything really this is a credit to our civilization, free market and the liberty that the United States of America represents, other wise no one would want to come here to live or work.Recently in an online think tank this subject came up and one member stated; "The Mexican government is to blame for not taking care of their own people. And they know, that our American ethic is to take care of other people. So, Fox [Mexico's President] and his cabinet sit back and laugh all the way to the bank.".

Indeed, I believe that they are very much enjoying economy prosperity on the backs of the American Taxpayer who is paying interest on all that money flowing into Mexico and not flowing back fast enough due to the import tax policies of Mexico on American Goods, while China has a totally different deal?.I have been formulating a plan to re-vitalize the Mexican Government with young small business owners who have come to America who want to go back and fix the corruption. I think it could be done. Set these folks "Can do" entrepreneur types to make up a new Congress there and break Mexico in smaller sectional states and connect all the dots, this of course would be part of my Open Border by 50-75 year plan and it would work.


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By: Lance Winslow

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