Seattle Needs a Volcano to Clear Out the Liberals

Looks as if Seattle is really pushing the outer limits of their politics there and the Bush Bashing never stops and this is very bad for our country. Some say that Seattle Washington needs another huge volcano in order to clear out all the Liberals, Socialists and Staunch Democrats who just do not understand how the World works or why it works so well the way it does.Maybe a Volcano is not going to be the easiest way to clear them all out? Maybe an Earthquake might be better with that 200-year slip fault offshore with a mini-Tsunami? That would literally wash all the liberals out to sea?.Then maybe they can save all the killer whales and dolphins, Tuna and Salmon too. But it goes beyond that as there are some very radical liberals there with a lot of money and free time on their hand and well one should be worried for them and for the United States as their views will destroy this nation quicker than any International Terrorist Plot.A good hardcore Volcano well that might do the trick and someone recently said to me at a coffee shop; Seattle Needs a Volcano to Clear Out the Liberals.

I told him that was an interesting concept, but I did not know how to do Volcanoes yet? Would you settle for an Earthquake in Seattle? He was sleepless and so we agreed. Consider this in 2006.

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By: Lance Winslow

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