Congressman Mike Doyle Confirms Strategy Troops To Come Home Because of Murtha

Living in Pennsylvania's 14th Congressional District I often get mailers of one of the left's more spineless liberals - Congressman Mike Doyle. Mr. Doyle loves big government and is a proponent of continued socialist programs like Medicare and Social Security and if he was a little more vocal on the floor of the Congress he might be as well known for his insane ramblings as Rep. John Murtha is.In his most recent "December 2005 Iraq Update" Congressman Doyle let's slip that his strategy on Iraq is the same that we on the "right" have been saying the Democrats would take. I.

e. there was no plan to bring troops home until Rep. Murtha opened his yap and now they want the credit when troops are brought home!.

"For months now the Pentagon has been anticipating, if not actively planning, a manor drawdown of U.S. forces in Iraq in the coming year. But only now, after Congressman Murtha spoke out, has the Bush administration begun suggesting that a drawdown is possible.

".What utter BULL CRAP! First he admits that the Pentagon has been working on figuring out how to get out troops home (i.e by WINNING the war!) and then in the next breath he says that it was because of Congressman Murtha! Mind up your make! This is double talk worthy of Senator John "I actually did vote for the $87 Billion before I voted against it" Kerry!.

Oh, but that was not the only gem of psychobabble from the Congressman! "From the beginning, this administrations has lacked a clear, coherent policy for rebuilding Iraq and bringing U.S. troops home." Apparently "win the war" isn't considered a "clear, coherent policy" for this political hack.

And for good measure he reiterates the same DNC talking points memo that were first issued."At the time I believed that the administration had failed to make a convincing case that Iraq possessed or was building weapons of mass destruction," I guess the fact that Saddam said he had X amount of these weapons and failed to give up X amount isn't enough "proof" for this ivory tower elitist! "[T]hat the Iraqi government played a role in the 9/11 terrorist attacks," I don't think that President Bush said they did but it is still something that the DNC feels the need to trumpet. "[T]hat Iraq posed and imminent threat to the United State," again, NOT an issue because the argument was "Some have said we must not act until the threat is imminent. Since when have terrorists and tyrants announced their intentions, politely putting us on notice before they strike?" - President George W. Bush.

Sit down Congressman Doyle, you are apparently not educated enough and far too partisan to be thinking clearly. We've got a war to win. And we'll do it without you or your idol Rep. Murtha.

Thank you for your service but you are truly an idiot!.

.J.J. Jackson is the owner and Lead Editor of American Conservative Politics - The Land of the Free (http://www.

thelandofthefree.net) and American Conservative Daily (http://www.americanconservativedaily.com). He is also the owner of American Infidel T-shirts (http://www.


By: J.J. Jackson

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