World Peace The Misconception And The Truth

There is so much misconception surrounding the idea of establishing World Peace that many people have assumed and accepted without any fact or proof that any kind of World Peace is impossible to achieve. It is not written in the bible, ancient scriptures, modern writings, or in any present legal documents that humans must never attempt to achieve peace on earth. When we build self-imposed mental barriers based on unproven assumptions or beliefs, we retard our ability to think and reason, which hinders our natural ability to solve problems. All things are possible when our self-imposed mental restrictions are removed where everything is possible and waiting to be discovered.

All the things that became possible were discovered by those who were not restricted by self-imposed mental barriers and were free to believe that all things were possible. The belief that some governmental leader or structure or a rich and powerful source is somehow holding the key to peace on earth is one mental barrier that has to be overcome. The truth is; The People hold the key to World Peace, and if they understood that, they could easily see that there is absolutely nothing in this world that would be willing to or is capable of stopping The People from establishing World Peace. Being peaceful is directly connected to being civilized and civilized means that we are obligated to function under a rule of law on all levels of human existence. The human race has now evolved to the age of globalization where the need for a system of international law and enforcement that protects The Peoples rights and freedoms on an international level is desperately needed to ensure peace.

The natural belief that All People are entitled to basic Human Rights is the one common belief structure that All People on earth share equally. The People would unanimously agree to accept international law if it was based on their Human Rights because it would put an end to all forms of human ownership. It is not the governmental structures that will decide if The People they govern deserve the right to live in a peaceful and civilized world, it is the power of The People who own and support their governmental structures that will make that decision. There can be no logical or morally justified reasoning that any governmental structure can use to dispute the idea that being peaceful and civilized is not in The People's best interest.

Who is going to dispute the fact that All People want to be free and live in peace? Who is going to dispute the fact that All People believe that they have a right to certain basic Human Rights? Who is going to dispute the fact that a civilized and peaceful world is good for everyone? How do we draw the line that determines what level of law and law enforcement humans have a right to be protected under? Do The People deserve the same rights and freedoms on an international level as they do on a local or national level, and who determines that? Where are the international Human Rights laws that protect The People and outlaw the taking of human life by governmental structures, terrorist, and others? Who will stand up for the rights of The People if The People don't? Who is going to achieve peace on earth if The People don't do it? How is it possible to live in a peaceful and civilized world when Human Rights are not even considered essential to the rule of law on all levels, especially internationally where some governmental structures, terrorist, and others operate without fear of prosecution for their crimes against people. The truth is; if what you desire and the path you take to get what you desire is logically and morally right then you will meet very little resistance in achieving what you desire. The human mind guided by its natural instincts can easily decipher between logical and illogical and moral and immoral and identify logical and moral as right and illogical and immoral as wrong.

The ideal solution would be to provide a system of international law that will represent The Peoples Human Rights and enforcement that will have all the means and legal authority necessary to arrest and prosecute anyone, including world leaders that violate any of The Peoples Human Rights. That International Law Enforcement Agency would, for the first time ever, provide an agency with international legal authority that The People can turn to when the governmental structures or other power structures violate The Peoples Human Rights or commit atrocities against The People. When this structure is in place, the People would be protected FROM their governments. Sounds to me like world peace, what do you think? Copyright(c)2007 We Want World Peace Organization all rights reserved.

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