America Loses Italys Elections - Folks, Italian politics are a riot.

United States Senate Does Not Pass The Flag Desecration Amendment - Well apparently it is okay to march in protest in the streets of America and carry a Mexican Flag on a Communist Holiday.

Almost the Whole Truth and Nothing but Almost the Truth So help me God - "It is true that much of the intelligence turned out to be wrong.

Politics and Friends on the Web - Today is a very sad day for me.

French Riot Holographic Training for Police - The riots in France are nearly under control after almost four weeks of mayhem.

Debate on Torturing International Terrorists - For those who wish to debate the issue of torturing the International Terrorist murderers and say it is not humane? I wonder if they have thought this thru completely.

Liberal News Media Attack Rumsfeld Again Lance Rants - Well here we go again the news media and political liberal strategists are once again attacking Rumsfeld.

Climate Change Analysts Decry Global Warming Alarmists - Many Global Warming Alarmists tell of a time when sea levels will wipe out human civilizations near the shorelines.

Al Queda is No Match for the NSA CIA and the FBI - We have not been attacked since 9-11 on American Soil, as we have taken the fight to the enemy.

Denmark Cartoons or Islamic Caricatures Six of One or Half Dozen of the Other - Denmark?s Jyllands-Posten newspaper issued an apology and whisked it off to the Jordanian news agency Petra for publishing cartoons that supposedly were insulting to the prophet Muhammad.

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