United States Senate Does Not Pass The Flag Desecration Amendment

Well apparently it is okay to march in protest in the streets of America and carry a Mexican Flag on a Communist Holiday. Now it is okay to Burn the American Flag in the streets of our cities. It is okay to trash on the traditions and the graves of our fore fathers. It is okay to deny that all we are and all we have built means something.

It appears that some do not believe that this is the Greatest Nation ever created in the History of Mankind. It appears that our Congressmen and Senators are so busy taking bribes and screwing male homosexual prostitutes and operating above the law that they could careless that people died to build this nation and protect it.Apparently the podium pushers in Washington DC have had too much rain and their brains are soggy as; The United States Senate Does Not Pass The Flag Desecration Amendment. I cannot imagine why anyone would wish to burn the American Flag, any American that is, but I am finding many people who do not consider their selves Americans.Instead they take money, which has been laundered by the Internet in campaign contributions and they use it to fund their campaigns and they no longer hold any allegiance to our flag and I guess this should be expected.

Meanwhile while the Flag Debate rages on our elected representatives have failed to protect us as they allow more people with other flags to fly to enter our borders illegally? Whose team are these self-proclaimed Gentleman on anyway? Consider this in 2006.

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By: Lance Winslow

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