Climate Change Analysts Decry Global Warming Alarmists

Many Global Warming Alarmists tell of a time when sea levels will wipe out human civilizations near the shorelines. They scare people into the SuperStorms, which will kill us all. They talk of a time when we will choke on our own pollution and human life and all life on the planet will die. They write books and scientific papers and create theories of all sorts of things. But then there is the other side of the debate. Recently in an online think tank a thinker named Glenn stated;.

"I find no compelling scientific evidence that global warming is caused by anything other than ordinary, natural climatic cycles." And that; "This single sentence infuriates the environmental wackos, because. It's the truth.".

Interesting isn't it that the debate is so attacking on both sides. I tend to agree with Glenn actually. Cycles, patterns, flows in the atmosphere of any planet have so many factors.

Dust Storms, Volcanic Ash, Thermal Earth Heat, Solar Flares, Earth's rotation, polar shifts of rotation. Each cycle affects another and when cycles collide, things change. I have totally given up arguing over what is causing it and simply now watch for signs that certain things are occurring. Rivers with less water in Ethiopia, Glacier Melts, droughts in Australia, extreme weather, forest changes, etc.

There is change, but that indeed is the only constant and we already know that; the geological record in fact is re-affirming proof of it. Perhaps we all ought to consider this in 2006.

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By: Lance Winslow

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