Politics and Friends on the Web

Today is a very sad day for me. I always believed that friendships were sacred. But I have found out that what may be a fact for me is not always that for someone else.I have also learned that friendship and politics do not seem to mix. If that is so, then how will we ever have peace in this our country or in any where else in the world.

I was enjoying posting on a Politics and Religion Board of fellow authors, which seemed to me would be objective and intelligent persons seeking new idea's and thoughts to ponder and discuss. No I was wrong. It seems that most only want to tell you what they think and then to have you agree with them. If not in agreement then you are either a **** (their label for you) or some other label that clearly is meant to put you down, or the favorite is to accuse you of being UN-American. In other words as I was too often told," agree with my viewpoint or leave this country." This is apparently the feelings of many of our citizens.

The fact that I considered many of these posters my friends, since they had privately emailed me with various requests, that I gladly obliged with was clearly my mistake. Not a single person chose to come to my defense when I was falsely accused of feelings and statements made or intended. As we all know, any statement can be twisted, restated incorrectly and or misinterpret.Of course that brings me to why I felt the need to write this article. Only to confess to my own stupidity in thinking that a friend on the internet or on a board of like professionals can be called friends.

"Professionals" being the keyword here. There are none when it comes to a discussion of politics.I have finally learned my lesson and believe I have been cured, and will not post on such boards in the future, at least a political or religious one. However, I will always offer help to those who ask, it is just my way.This brings up the question worth our consideration, that if we cannot even get along with our fellow Americans and people who we think are our friends then how will our world ever be free of wars? I suppose the answer is NEVER.

The slaughter of innocent people will continue for whatever reason a terrorist, or self-righteous country, or person deems reasonable. Mankind it seems will be forever doomed by evil and destruction. This is a very sad day for me indeed.

.About the Author
Anne Lebrecht is a published author of two novels, short stories, poetry and articles. She lives in California on Balboa Island with her husband of 53 years.

She has two daughters and two grandchildren. visit her on her website. http://www.annelebrecht.


By: Anne Lebrecht

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