French Riot Holographic Training for Police

The riots in France are nearly under control after almost four weeks of mayhem. Over 300 cities effects with cars being burned, some 20,000 automobiles were destroyed. The French looked very ineffectual to the rest of the world as they allowed the rioters and civil unrest to reach epic proportions. Molotov Cocktails were used made from recycled bad French Wine bottles and thrown into buildings and cars to start blazes.The French were only able to arrest a few of the arsonists and threatened to bring them to court, meanwhile the police were afraid to go head to head with conflict. All this after the French Leadership during a United Nations Conference told the world that they knew how to deal with International Terrorism and the rogue elements of the Muslim Populations.

The French led by Jacque Chirac told the world that; "We are a very old and wise country and we know how to deal with these things." Additionally he stated that the United States was a; "young and na´ve nation.".Well perhaps but the facts are now that France once again failed to defend their selves from evil. I therefore propose we build them some Virtual Reality Caves to help them train their ineffectual police in anti-riot control.

I propose we use the latest state-of-the-art Holographic Technologies to help them help themselves, since it is rather obvious that if something is not done France will burn to the ground, if not this time, then some time in the future. We must help France, as it seems now they are so old, wise and Weak, that they are unable to solve their own issues there. Think on this.

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By: Lance Winslow

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