Al Queda is No Match for the NSA CIA and the FBI

We have not been attacked since 9-11 on American Soil, as we have taken the fight to the enemy. Some say we have been lucky and others are quick to credit our intelligence agencies and the vigilance of the American People to keep an eye out for suspicious behavior. Indeed it maybe all of these scenarios in unison and apparently it is working. Yet now we read in the newspapers and see on TV where many are complaining about the stepped up surveillance of the NSA, CIA and FBI.

As an American on can only hope that they (FBI, NSA, CIA, etc.) do not screw up this time, as they had during 9-11, when the next attack is planned by Al Queda, or some other real or imaginary enemy shows up, you see? And a recent survey showed that most Americans were okay with the presence of such surveillance now today. So in the future it would seem even before 2030, this could occur if;.

1.) There are more attacks or.2.) The powers that be can show there are no attacks due to the surveillance in place.3.

) The media pumps up such reports and continues the fear process.Will the current surveillance and some increased vigilance protect us from our next threat? Can we beat the enemy and prevent attacks on American Soil? Will we continue to be lucky due to our strong will as Americans, Intelligence Agencies and swift enforcement or will we allow politically correct posturing to prevent us from doing the obvious things we must do to protect the American People? Think on this in 2006.

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By: Lance Winslow

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