Open Letter to Cable News Personalities

You have really made me angry tonight. It is my opinion that your "opinions" of Senator Clinton's Bosnia trip, have gotten old and I am sure many viewers agree with me. Do you realize how very "silly" your "news" stories are becoming on this one "news" item. You are all just nothing but "gossip" reporters.

Have none of you ever exaggerated a story in order to prove a point? Frankly, I believe you do it every night. What is the point of this "news" story about Clinton and Bosnia? She is not basing her whole foreign policy experience on that one trip; she is just telling a story. She has probably told it a thousand times over the years and the times I have seen her tell it; it is quite a funny story. Have you never told a funny story and as the years go by, you add to the story to better make your point? Sure you have, I watch you do it every night. Chris Matthews: Lighten up Chris! Why don't you "report" the positive side of Clinton's trip? For example, just the fact that she was in Bosnia is an interesting "news" item.

Did Clinton perhaps carry any "message" from our President to the President of Bosnia or the negotiators? Why don't you "report" on her meeting the soldiers in Bosnia and how much she cares about our soldiers? And the refugees, talk about them; did she meet them and speak with any of them? Keith Olbermann: Why don't you "report" where the video came from? Who taped the video? Who edited the video? It was edited; my old eyes with my bifocals can even see that. Was the video taken on the tarmac or in front of the base? Who verified that? Who is your facts checker? Mr. O'Reilly: What did the pilot tell Clinton about snipers in the hills? What were the pilot's instructions to Clinton and the people with her? Has anyone "interviewed" the pilot to ask him "exactly" what he told his passengers? What was the pilot's name? Sean Hannity and Alan Colmes: Why don't you "gossip" about whether Clinton had a bullet proof vest under the long coat she was wearing? How many Secret Service agents were surrounding her and her daughter? Why don't you "speculate" whether she was scared of any danger or concerned for her daughter's safety? All of you; stop "talking" or "reporting" or giving your "opinions" on a story about something that your viewers are tired of! Don't be so extremely negative all the time. Now, I do realize that the 24/7 news cycles have changed the way that the news is "reported" and perhaps you often need to "speculate" and "gossip" to make your interview shows more interesting; but you are "beating a dead horse" on this story. (And no, I am not saying that people are tired of Hillary nor am I comparing her to a dead horse!) Do something useful, like "vet" Obama so our country doesn't elect another arrogant, inexperienced President.

All of you are acting like "love sick" teenagers when it comes to Senator Obama. Of course, all of this is just my "opinion" but then I don't claim to be a news journalist either. Copyright (c) 2008 Mary Ann Boulette.

Mary Ann Boulette Austin, Texas 78758 http://maboulette.blogtoolkit.com/

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