Debate on Legalizing Drugs Rages On

Most all heavy drug users and many former drug users are for the legalizing and decriminalizing of drugs in America. This issues recently took center stage in an online think tank when one former, drug user and think tanker stated:."We accept alcohol and know people develop addictions, develop mental health issues and create problems resulting from aggression and miss-use, but the same issues are a result of miss-use of meth, but we accept alcohol with responsible service and not meth.

".Of course although this is a good point and one which is brought up most often during such discussions; it was immediately countered by another think tanker who stated matter of factly:."My gosh! How can you compare those two? That is simply not right.

Personally I do not drink, I am not an alcoholic, I just do not like the stuff, but from what I have seen in folks who chose to use crystal meth and from what I have read in studies about its health issues compared to alcohol, there is indeed a vast different. Some of these meth kids are going long hours (days) without sleep and cooking up toxic chemicals in their stuff.".Although we all understand the basis for your argument and many tend to agree with the reasoning behind legalization and such comments, which are pro-legalization somewhat, yet could never vote for such a thing. It appears Meth is a real problem in our society and it is so pervasive that it is almost out of control.

It really needs to stop, as there is nothing good about it.Some say that sex and touching sensation is better, okay, so what is the point. Is sex not good enough already? Maybe people are doing it wrong. Many say the level of alertness is heightened, that makes sense, it happens with caffeine too, adrenaline rush in sports and other less detrimental things. Justifying meth is simply not going to fly.

Legalizing and or Decriminalizing all drugs seems to be a terrible idea say most folks. Many believe this because; what if everyone goes and tries everything once, always looking for a new high, until which time they become brain dead, have a stroke, heart attack or turn their lives up side down. What say you? Consider this in 2006.


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By: Lance Winslow

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