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(That Is Why I Strongly Advise Everyone To Develop Insight & Wisdom) AS A PRIORITY ! When you develop yourself to the point where your belief in yourself is so strong that you know that you can accomplish anything you put your mind to, your future will be unlimited - So Wisen Up ! When You Have Developed REAL Wisdom You Will Not Misuse The Immense Power That You Have Been Introduced To Because You Will Realise That By Misusing The Power & Damaging Other Beings - You Are In Fact Damaging Yourself ! The reason that "one" should place so much importance on developing "one's" wisdom (& subsequent insight ) is because when someone has developed wisdom & they make a mistake - serious or not so serious - they will have developed sufficient inner strength to recognise that fact, correct & learn from the error, fix any damage or offence caused (if possible) & MOVE ON - having eventually benefitted from the experience. So Doing - "One" will not make Serious Mistakes that damage the very fabric of society. Drug Addicts - especially "smackheads, crackheads & crystal crazies", Career Criminals & certain "Career Politicians" are "evil" to the core, because they can not recognise the fact that they have made a mistake & they are not capable of accepting responsibility for their mistakes. These objectionable articles therefore compound the damage caused by their anti social behaviour - as a direct & sometimes indirect result of their own foolish actions ie the "knock on" effect of the persistent repetetion of their "follies". They continue to make the same stupid mistakes for the same old reasons, they are like mice & rats stuck on a treadmill. Why are they stuck ? As an example of this distressing condition - let's examine the mindset of a selection of political dictators - some "infamous" & some not so "infamous" yet :- Ivan The Terrible, Genghis Khaan, Josef Stalin, Adolf Hitler, Mao Tse Tung, Pohl Pot, Idi Amin, Sadam Hussein, Robert Mugabe, George Bush & Phony Tony.

What if anything , do you think they have in common ? Many Things do you think - yes very probably. Let's examine the most obvious points in common. They were or are :- 1.GREEDY 2.CRUEL 3.

AMORAL 4. GENOCIDAL MANIACS 5. SELF RIGHTEOUS 6. SELF DECEPTIVE 7. DRUG ADDICTS & ALCOHOLICS When all of the above factors are added to their principal point in common :- Outrageous EGOTISM - "voila" - you have a dictator & if he is surrounded by the usual crowd of advisers, hangers on , military types, suckers & "yessir" guys n'gals - Watch Out Folks - there's a "power crazed loon" about. A war monger (or 2 or 3 even) Psychos like these are a threat to world peace, now - we all know it - deep down, mankind has been plagued by these pretentious psychos for hundreds if not thousands of years .

Because the vast majority of these cruel war mongers, these egocrazy "sub humans", these fools & pretenders have not developed & maintained the wisdom necessary to look beyond present day conditions & make realistic plans for the creation of an improved future world - for themselves & their fellow human beings. But what are we going to do about the situation in todays world, especially to ensure that the "Dictator Types" are dumped in the trash can as they deserve? Ensure that we ,in ourselves are strong, healthy, wealthy & wise. See the budding dictators - the "politicians" as the pretentious scumbags that they are . We must ALL use our voting power to remove the bureaucratic power structure as it is & replace it with one that is altogether more user friendly . A party 4 the people - paid the average living wage - not some high flying bureaucratic fat cat, sucking off the cream ,as a result of the efforts of the productive populous.

Get back to me if you'd like to talk more about this. Meditation brings wisdom; lack of meditation leaves ignorance. Know well what leads you forward and what holds you back, choose the path that leads to wisdom.

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