Alan Greenspan A Retrospective - No one person has been praised or criticized for the economic progress of the United States over the last 20 years than Alan Greenspan.

Immigration Ignorance - It's sad to say, but until today, I had no idea why there are so many people protesting the proposed immigration bill.

Abatement of Nuclear Weapons in Iran - We must not let Iran have nuclear weapons because they sponsor international terrorists and because they have promised to blow Israel off the map.

Wake Up Democrats Part - For two of the past two Presidential elections, the Democrats have miserably failed to produce a viable candidate who could sway the entire United States.

The Minute Men Border Vigilante Controversy Case Study - Some say the Minute Men Volunteers protecting our border are renegade ?yahoos? who are NAZI?esque and mean spirited.

Boots on the Moon Lunacy Run Amuck - Why would we spend an estimated $104 billion (that's billion with a 'B') to go back to a dead world when ours is dying? It seems no one can come up with a compelling reason for NASA to repeat the "been there- done that" Apollo project of th.

About Spain the Spanish Language and Delicate Issues - Politics in Spain: never a dull moment.

How George Bush Tony Blair and John Howard Are Manipulating the Western World - Just in case you are not an American, a British citizen or an Australian - or if you take no interest whatsoever in word affairs or maybe if you have just woken up after spending years in a coma - George Bush is the President of America, Tony Blai.

International Law Dangerous Precedents and Reality Check - Regarding International Law, Treaties and Agreements.

Read This Article if You Want to Stop Illegal Immigration - Many people on both sides are literally up in arms over illegal immigration these days.

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