Read This Article if You Want to Stop Illegal Immigration

Many people on both sides are literally up in arms over illegal immigration these days. We have the Minute-Men on one side being spurred on by American Patriots and Lou Dobbs and then we have ACLU on the other side saying open the borders and let's just have a free for all no borders. The ACLU says if Mexico is our neighbor, then why do we put up fences to keep them away?.There are many industries which have illegal or immigrant labor such as Carwashes, Fast Food and the Housing Construction Industry and they say they need those folks other wise who will wash your car, serve your meal or build all the houses America needs? The Unions say they are taking jobs away from taxpaying Americans. Both have legitimate gripes.

Many say that the "Illegal" part of illegal immigration ought to give you a clue, "it is against the law stupid" they say, what part of illegal do you not understanding?.Indeed the debate about illegal immigration goes one to this day. But we need to either open the borders or enforce the law. We cannot safely open the borders so we must demand all those entering our country do so legally and come through the many check points and be screened for Hepatitis, TB, Bird Flu and AIDS. We also must demand they have shots to protect our people.

We need to screen for weapons and drugs too. Seal the borders except through these check points.If someone comes with drugs or tries they need to work for us rebuilding Afghanistan or Indonesia for five years or work in hard labor camps for 10-years doing work. Furthermore everyone should get an ID Card with biometric information so if they over stay their visit then we turn on the device and they can be traced by satellite and picked up and removed and revoked future visits for their lifetime.

There is no other way. If we fail now to protect our country, we will all be sorry later. Come legally and you are welcome, if you break the law will be banned for life. Think on this.

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By: Lance Winslow

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