MisogynySick As Ever - This Lively Political Year Brings Out the Best--and the Worst in Everyone.

The Survivability of our Species Matters Support Space Exploration - It is of the most importance that persons around the world support the various space agencies without regard to the country of origin or international politics.

March Madness on Capitol Hill And I Dont Mean Basketball - Trying to get your message across to members of Congress? March is an awful time to do it.

On Politics Propaganda Is Now Disguised as News Part - There is probably nothing that disappoints me more than the current sad, sorry state of newspapers in America today.

The Question Is Margaret How Deep Is The Recession - A recession by any definition remains untoward struggle and pain.

Alternatives to catching criminals - Why catch criminals? Because they do things that are against the law.

Health Care and Michael Moore Whos the real SICKO - Our health care system may be "SiCKO," as Michael Moore contends in his latest movie, but what's really sicko is people, like Mr.

The Secret About Our Healthcare System - My emotional recovery coaching process can be applied to social conditions as well as meeting one's needs for personal growth and development.

Michael Moore In Americas Living Room - Single Payer Health Care Is America's Next Frontier.

Sustainable Development on the Stump Environmental Policies of Obama Clinton and McCain - This article seeks to heighten awareness of the environmental and energy policies of America's next president-- whoever he or she might be.

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