Should Rhode Island Kennedy Still Serve

Should Kennedy still serve after crashing his car into the barricades in Washington DC while on drugs? It seems we have a problem in our government. We have really corrupt scoundrels, complete morons and drug addicts running things?.I find it rather fascinating that the Kennedy Kid from Rhode Island says he was not drinking, he was only on drugs you see, so it was no big deal? Oh really and how can you legitimately represent the people and be on drugs at the same time? And who gave you the drugs anyway? Probably drug lobbyists right?.

Well, then you are being bribed by lobbyists using drugs and probably Big-Pharma too? So, what is the difference if lobbyists give you money or drugs? We have in Washington DC lobbyist bribing elected representatives with gay lovers, fine women hookers, money and now drugs? Since when is it okay to allow someone who is a known drug addict to serve in our government's congress?.Tell me because I must have missed this in my reading of the Constitution you see? Look here is the deal; we do not want liars, cheats, scoundrels, ignorance, corruption or drug addicts in Congress. If you are one of those which the Kennedy Kid admitted to being then you need to leave and not come back. Why is this so hard for people to get anyway? Consider this in 2006.

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