Are Republicans Thugs - In order to answer the question, Are Republicans Thugs?, it'll take coming to grips with the fact that the Republican Party is not the same party one's grandparents voted for.

Three Challenges Defining SocialPolitical Sustainability - This article identifies three challenges to the sustainability of our social and political processes.

Two American Soldiers Going It Alone by Bob Miller - Don't know whether or not any of you saw the news report of US soldiers trying to get some Iraqi soldiers to move in on some guys who were firing at them from rooftops, but it sure brought back a Vietnam event for me.

President Potato Head and His Christian Soldiers - Around the world people are rediscovering the Solanum tuberosum, a starchy tuberous root vegetable that was first cultivated in Peru some 7,000 years ago, or so says Wikipedia.

Patriotic Quotes to Celebrate Cinco De Mayo - Think patriotic quotes and Cinco de Mayo have nothing in common? You might want to think twice.

Mythology Alive and Well - We print pictures of George Washington on our money, we hang his picture in our state and federal buildings, and throughout our school systems we teach the history of George Washington.

The Campfires of Fools - While Obama, Clinton, and McCain tell their flag-waving supporters about what a wonderful country we have and they all sing out "God Bless America", these politicians know, if the others don't, that at that very moment evil is taking place in Guantanamo Prison and in a half dozen other prisons as it did in Abu Ghraib.

Deforestation - Article about deforestation and relevance to global warming.

I am a happy person but - Basically, I?m a happy guy.

Please Save RIF - With the stroke of a pen, the President is elimiating the budget for Reading is Fundamental.

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