A Peaceful Powerful and Cost Effective Counter Terrorism Plan that Ordinary Citizens Can Embrace

Here is a remarkable counter terrorism proposal that was introduced by way of a gripping fiction book. Author John Erretts new espionage thriller,
the Hawk is fiction but the plan that is presented at the
end of the book certainly is not. It is a plan that would involve no weaponry, would
pay for itself and would be very effective. The fiction portion is a clever device to introduce the author counter terrorism plan.

It powerfully helps to bring the
reality of terrorism to the forefront. It is a fact of life that too many
of the world faces today but yet something from which many others are still quite sheltered. Before we take a look at the proposal (included here with the author???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????s permission) let???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????s discuss the key points of the plan which is currently before the State Department.

??????????????????????????????????????????????????????? The plan puts the onus of responsibility on all the nations of the world to secure not only their own citizenry but the citizens of the global community.
??????????????????????????????????????????????????????? The forces of finance are extremely powerful and very motivating. Participating nations will more carefully scrutinize individuals before issuing passports.

This will prevent free passage for known and suspected terrorists. It would make it much harder for terrorists by restricting their mobility.
??????????????????????????????????????????????????????? All citizens (even from countries who choose not to participate in this plan) would have the option to post a bond to enable passage while at the same time creating a paper trail.

??????????????????????????????????????????????????????? The contributions to other anti-terrorist programs (both forceful and peaceful) could be reduced because of the anticipated effectiveness of the POP plan.

About the Author (text)Lori Olson has written on sustainable living, alternative health, hypnosis, fibromyalgia, and citizens against terrorism. She has created many websites includinghttp://www.naturally-florida.com water dispensers

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