Seeing It From Bob Millers Point Of View

When it comes to controversy, Bob Miller is certainly no stranger. A veteran of the Vietnam War, Bob Miller is one of the world's most celebrated modern war authors with a sharp pen and a nose for the truth. Harshly critical of the politics and foreign policy from Washington that have seen the US through numerous wars and countless casualties over the last few decades, the former service man turned activist turned author is quickly making a name for himself across the world for his outspoken but awkwardly poignant views.

Since 1976 Bob Miller has been involved in campaigning across his homeland, warning others about the growing power and corruption within the Whitehouse, particularly with the rise (and fall) of the Bush family which has seen Miller at his bluntest to date. With a dedication to crossing the country and speaking to those that will listen, Miller is winning over the unsure and demolishing the skepticism that enables continuing foreign policy disasters. Love him or hate him, there is no denying that Bob Miller is both a talented writer and gifted activist. Travelling the length and breadth of the country relentlessly hammering home his message, Bob Miller is an advocate of peace and diplomacy rather than violence and bloodshed. With the pen as his rifle, Miller is determined to uncover the underlying problems with the US government and foreign policy with a view to improving the country he alleges Bush has run into the ground. "How are the radicals in the world ending up with assault rifles, anti-tank rockets, anti-aircraft rockets, grenade launchers, and bombs? That's an easy question.

It's the greedy morons who are running their flip-flop tongues about Muslims being murderers like the US, UK, and Israel who are making and selling these weapons. Israel has just recently passed the UK in arms deals doing 4.3 billion in 2007. When one gets blown up with the very rocket he or she sold to Turkey, who turned around and sold it to Osama bin Laden's crew, justice has been served." In his latest book, "Kill Me If You Can, You SOB", Bob Miller tackles the brunt of one of the most horrific incidents in recent history - the Vietnam war.

Yet in this real life portrayal of the day to day hardships, Bob Miller steers clear of the political issues at play instead focusing on the true to life accounts of living through the war. Drawing on his memoirs from his time in active service, Bob Miller delivers his core message more potently than could ever be the case in a simple analysis of political thinking and in this he was won the plaudits and respect of even his fiercest opponents. Bob Miller's point of view has been criticised as being partisan, blunt, radical and even extreme by some sectors. But ask yourself this - what's in it for Bob Miller? Unlike the regimes he seeks to criticise, Miller isn't out for power or money, but rather to tell the truth as he sees it and spread the news of the evils of current US foreign policy.

Nick Carter is a veteran who had served the US Marines. He have written articles on Vietnam war and against the wars forced by Americans. He is a great admirer of Bob Miller, America's most controversial writer and author of Kill Me If You Can, You SOB.

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