Delta Force to New Orleans - If you are wondering why the United States can send troops around the world, but failed to respond to a domestic emergency in a timely manner, you are not alone.

Iraq Military Preparedness - Overview on reconstitution the Iraqi military under new training by the US.

Would An Elected Officials Credit Score Affect Your Vote - Recently a very gutsy newspaper in Toledo, Ohio challenged both Republican and Democrat City Counsel candidates to "show their cards," by giving access to their credit reports and credit scores for the voting public to see.

Longmont Colorado - Longmont, Colorado is the 13th largest city in Colorado.

Iraq Oil The Spoils of Victory - There were many cynical analysts, both in the West as well as the Middle East, who viewed the invasion of Iraq as a scarcely concealed attempt to take control of the country's immense oil wealth.

Who Do You Read - One can tell exactly how much a US voter knows about his or her political party by what they read.

Cope Tiger - Frequent travelers know all about the Army?s Exercise Cobra Gold but not many have heard of the Air Force?s Exercise Cope Tiger.

The Great Giza Pyramid a message bound in stone - Five thousand years ago the knowledge of existence and universal secrets were put into a time capsule.

Nuclear Power and Iran Today - The aricle describes the situation with Iran and nuclear power.

George W Bush Took the Only Road Available - Al Gore or John Kerry could have gone down several different roads to achieve the US objectives of controlling the oil reserves in Iraq.

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