Who Do You Read

One can tell exactly how much a US voter knows about his or her political party by what they read. As a registered Republican, I can tell you that the information that comes out of right-wing think tanks is far less valuable today than it would have been when the outhouse was the rule, not the exception. Republicans who know about the Harriman-Bush sponsorship of Hitlerism are usually well educated and wealthy, and they will tell you in private that they couldn't possibly care less. That's understandable since their only concern is what their country can do for them.

At this social level you can usually take an opposite point of view and the worst thing that'll happen will be your opponent will smile and say something off subject like would you be interested in buying their chalet in the South of France? It's the super rich's way of saying, "Go soak your head." The situation changes rather quickly as you move down the economic ladder. With each step down, the collars get bluer and you can see and hear evolution reversing course. Beer is the drug of choice and debating quickly evolves into arm wrestling.

To try and change the mind of a 250 pound teamster who has a picture of Ronald Reagan in the living room and a picture of the Last Supper over the kitchen table is something only an idiot would do. I know this to be a fact, and I stopped doing it the second time I woke up in an intensive care unit. I'm an Eisenhower Republican, and I have little or nothing in common with these Nixon through Bush hypocrites who condemn abortion then cut the funding of every program that cares for these unwanted children and their mothers. In the last eight years, while claiming to be pro-life, they have needlessly slaughtered a million people, 4,000 of them young Americans. Their claims of wanting less government and being conservative are equally hypocritical. The $3 trillion proposed spending in 2009 by George W.

Bush would be the first time that landmark has been reached. Bush also presided over the first budget to hit $2 trillion in 2002. It took this republic nearly 200 years to reach the first $1 trillion budget, which occurred in 1987 during the Reagan administration. It is a fact that George W. Bush and Dick Cheney are the purest examples of the ideologies and trustworthiness of this ungodly and un-American group of empire builders calling themselves Republicans. And if Americans don't want the George H.

W. Bush family and its army of thugs to continue to devalue our flag and money, they had better avoid their new puppet on a string- John McCain--as they would a bubonic-plague-carrying flea. I'm not running for a public office or working for some invertebrate, so this 100-year-war advocate won't live long enough to get an apology from me.

Bob Miller, one of the controversial writers of America about anti-War is an awarded pilot during the period of Vietnam War. Knowing that War is good for nothing, BoMiller writes about the importance of stopping War in the websites www.serveyournation.com , www.kill-me-if-you-can.com , and www.angelzabar.com. Born in Florence, he competed for a seat in U.S. Senate in 1992.

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