World Peace The Misconception And The Truth - It is not written in the bible, ancient scriptures, modern writings, or in any present legal documents that humans must never attempt to achieve peace on earth.

Washington State Insurance Commissioner Stands Up to Insurance Industry - Washington State Insurance Commissioner Mike Kreidler is standing up to the insurance industry when it comes to defending his decision to vote "Yes" on Referendum 67.

Wizarding Your Way to Advocacy Success Five Rules From Harry Potter - From "Believe That What You're Doing is Right" to "Have the Right Allies" Harry Potter shows us five key rules for effective advocacy.

Animal Rights Is A Dirty Word - Are charitable organizations really dedicated to helping the cause? What about "animal rights weirdos?" Check out this enlightening article by Jeff Popick on how to really help humanity forward.

Warehousing Our Elderly - This article explores the current status of end of life care currently for the elderly in the United States.

On Politics Giuliani Is a Pro Choice Republican Part - It is possible that Republican presidential candidate Rudy Giuliani has infuriated his Democratic rivals to the point of distraction.

Applying Back to School Enthusiasm to Advocacy - Ideas for reinvigorating your grassroots advocacy efforts.

Alternatives to Education Meltdown - Starting your life at school and going on through education is a learning experience for most of us, but we don't want to hear about you.

Technology and Politics - Rather than creating the perfect ten second sound bite, candidates must let go and have a real conversation.

Be an Einstein at Advocacy Five Tips From Grassroots Geniuses - Five great ideas for building more effective grassroots advocacy efforts.

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