What Have You Done

This Easter Sunday, we reached another milestone only days after the 5th anniversary of the War In Iraq. The 4,000th American has been killed. Four thousand families in the United States have been visited by uniformed officers telling them that their loved one has been killed in the war. But we must look at the other side also. It has been estimated that 80 to 100 thousand Iraqis have been killed in this war.

To get your mind around this number of people who have been affected by the last 5 years is almost impossible to do for the numbers are so large. Plus the amount of debt that the US has acquired. Somewhere in the neighborhood of 10 trillion dollars. 10 trillion! We have borrowed from other countries, 10 trillion dollars, the largest amount from China, a communist country. So we are basically owned by other countries. The income tax collected each year only goes to pay the interest on this debt.

4,000, 80,000, 10 trillion, these numbers involved in the last 5 years are staggering. Not to mention, the thousands of Americans who will need their country to care for them for the rest of their lives because of lost limbs or brain trauma. In past wars, these injured soldiers would not have survived.

What have we done to our country? Will God forgive us? Forgive us for wasting the treasure of our country. Because we have not brought peace to this world, are we in danger of eternal damnation of our collective souls. This is why I keep writing because it is all I can do. At the end of my days when my Savior asks me what I have done - I can say that I spoke out until I did all I could to stop the waste of the war.

I spoke up for the 4,000 and 80,000 and against the 10 trillion in debt and I will continue to speak out until I change hearts - one at a time. And when these changed hearts stop the endless waste of money and lifes, then I will stop writing. I will not stop until the war in Iraq is ended and our soldiers are home. I have no choice because it is all I can do. What can you do? Copyright (c) 2008 Mary Ann Boulette.

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