Local Newspapers Still As Relevant As Ever

They're saying that the newspaper is a thing of the past, but is that really just a bunch of hype or not? Well one thing is for sure - new media is forcing traditional newspapers to adapt and stay up to date with the times. And many local newspapers especially are doing just that. Change might be inevitable, but to say that local newspapers will be irrelevant any time soon is just not true.

Let's look at the reality of the situation. Are Blogs the Answer? It's been suggested that the world of online blogging is taking over the clout once held by the newspaper industry exclusively. Of course, blogs have brought more to the table and made news more real time and reader-centric.

Blogging has been glorified as citizen journalism at its finest. But here's the thing? As great as blogs are (and they have made a difference), the vast majority of them don't exactly comply with the depth, quality, and variety of information that real journalism excels at providing via newspapers. The newspaper is still viewed as perhaps the most authoritative and accurate source for news, as opposed to the blogosphere's reputation for being opinionated and maybe even a bit crude.

Newspapers Support Communities. Local newspapers really shine when it comes to serving as a trustworthy community resource. This means readers can rest assured that each time they pick up a newspaper, the latest issues that matter the most and the breaking news are practically guaranteed to be covered. In other words, the local paper is a sure thing. Additionally, local newspapers tend to take it a step further than news alone by promoting community events. In fact, often times local newspapers almost even serve as a sort of clearinghouse for local communication.

It is hard for any other medium other than a local newspaper to make inroads when it comes to serving and supporting a community like this. The Format is Preferred. Gimmicks and technologies come and go. Right now, a popular thing to do is to read the latest news in real time right from a smartphone or some other kind of handheld gizmo. Sure, this is convenient, but will it last as a trend? Newspapers are really a perfected format after all.

Granted, they're not in real time, but they are very portable, they're easy on the eyes, they don't have batteries that need to be charged or replaced, they don't depend on signal strength, and the list just goes on and on. In Conclusion. New forms of media will come and go practically as fast as time itself passes, but newspapers have been around a long time and will continue to remain as relevant as ever for years and years to come.

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