Is the Federal Government Michael Brown and FEMA to Be Blamed for Hurricane Katrina at New Orleans

We as Americans often get ahead of ourselves when doing the blame game when unfortunate potential eventualities become reality don't we? Indeed we do and all to often we take the mass media's opinion as our own without thinking thru all the issues.It is a complete shame to see who the media treated Michael Brown of FEMA and the other politicians who were just as much or more to blame for the disaster of the sea wall collapse and levee breaks. The Mayor of New Orleans and the Governor of the States of Louisiana had many moons to repair those levees prior to Hurricane Katrina along with all the corrupt politicians in the state, which came before them.Recently this subject came up in an online think tank when a guest member stated rather matter of factly; "They scrimped and eventually got a seawall built, raising it to about 23 ft.

This paid off in 1915 when another hurricane came and killed about 300. New Orleans knew about these events yet did not apparently have the sense to apply it to their own situation. If Galveston lost 8000 at 8 ft above msl, what did New Orleans think was to happen to them at 10 ft below msl?".

Wow that comment sure hits home doesn't it? So then I agree and reiterate that comment and ask the following question; Why are we so busy blaming FEMA, the Federal Government and the Bush Administration for the obvious screw up of the corruption or incompetence which took place at the local level? Indeed? Why can't we as Americans face the true reality of things? Had New Orleans lived in reality it certainly would have survived that devastation and not cost the US Taxpayers 100 Billion Dollars? Consider all this in 2006.

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By: Lance Winslow

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