Will America Patrol Iraq in Tanks - This article evaluates whether America should Patrol Iraq in tanks or not.

HILLARY HILLARY HILLARY - Hillary Clinton should not even be mentioned in the same breath as Golda Meir, Margaret Thatcher, Benazir Bhutto, or Condoleezza Rice or Kathleen Willey for that matter .

Navy SEALs vs Green Berets Differences Similarities - Both Navy SEALs and Green Berets are special covert groups they differ in function, but to a large extent are trained in almost the same skills.

Charisma in Politics Is Not Only About Good Looks - Charisma has always been an attribute that powerful people posess.

Al Gores Defeat or His Finest Hour - It's funny how some things turn out, isn't it? Now you take that Bush - Gore fiasco back in 2000.

Why Are We Still in Iraq Part - Some of our "allies," or former allies, will bow to terrorism.

Navy SEALs vs Army Rangers Differences Similarities - Both Navy SEALs and Army Rangers are highly respected but distinctly separate wings of the United States armed services.

Getting Ready for Election Season - Election season is upon us.

Should English Be Declared the Worlds Official Common Language - As the world continues to get smaller, there is increasing awareness of the need for a worldwide common language.

Angels and Christianity - Angels are generally most closely associated with Christianity, despite their origins in much earlier belief systems and cultures.

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