Charisma in Politics Is Not Only About Good Looks

Politicians have always been stereotyped. The image that they present is crucial to winning elections. A politician work schedule is full of debates, heated discussions, and sometimes making unpopular choices. When you think of a politician, a staunch man in a three-piece suit usually is the image that is envisioned.

Often, the one thing that they need most is overlooked. Charisma. Charisma has always been an attribute that powerful people possess. It is not something that can be held in your hand nor does it have a definitive explanation, however, when you possess it, people seem to automatically sense it. A charismatic person is able to communicate with people on a higher level, they are able to convey their opinions and convince people that their view is the correct one and therefore they should be followed.

This is the one necessary skill for all politicians to possess. A recent study has determined that charisma is not only inborn, it is also a learned trait. When a politician has charisma, chances are greater that he or she will have more votes in their corner. Charisma is not all about beauty, sex appeal and physical attraction. Being able to create strong emotion in people is also an attribute of a charismatic person. A charismatic person also has very strong emotions of their own, and they are able to challenge other people with charisma and sway people to their view.

When a politician is trying to improve his image, adding charisma will assist greatly with this task. The adage that the clothes make the man, is not entirely untrue. When you are well dressed you project confidence you appear professional achieving that effect. Confidence is another characteristic of a charismatic person.

A firm handshake and a strong voice project a confident and genuine person. Making eye contact and smiling project strength. There are courses available for those who choose to learn charisma. They can assist you in building leadership skills and work on other areas that need a boost. When a politician chooses his or her staff, it is not only important each member has something to contribute, but also that they feel that they have achieve some level of worth to your campaign.

It is important that you listen to what each member has to say and make them feel comfortable. When you lead by example, you are proving to all that you are willing to do what it takes to get the job done. It is important that you are fair to everyone. When you have charisma, it is easy to explain what your vision is in simple terms. You will inspire the people around you with your passion. Above all, having a sense of humor will make any politician easier to talk to, people will listen more closely to what you have to say if you have a sense of humor and appear approachable.

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