Most Important Weapons of Choice for US Navy SEALs

As can be imagined, the array of weaponry that is used by Navy SEALs is extensive and sophisticated. This state-of-the-art weaponry is not only made in the United States, but is sourced from all over the world. Most weaponry has been specifically designed for the use of SEALs or the Special Operations Forces in general. This elite group of warriors has the freedom to choose Navy SEALs weapons with a specific set of parameters; this includes the primary as well as secondary weapons.

Standard Issues Weapons like the highly accurate M4A1 Carbine are standard issue for all Navy SEALs; as they are known for their versatility. Pistols are also commonly used, but they are more of a back up weapon then a front end weapon. The Weaponry Navy SEALs weaponry, is mission-dependant, and as, aforementioned, there is large amount of choice available for them. Given below is a small list of weapons, which is representative of what the SEALs use. The Handguns MK23 Mod 0.

45 cal SOCOM Offensive Handgun This is an offensive handgun, specially developed for U.S Special Operations Command. Very soon, its inherent capabilities saw it being used frequently as a service pistol. The MK 23, offers a Navy SEAL unmatched accuracy and comes good on all operational requirements that one expects from combat handgun. M11 Sig Sauer P-228 This is one of the favorite weapons of the Navy SEALs as its light, has deadly accuracy and its small size, makes it easy to conceal.

It is a semi-automatic pistol that is recoil operated and can fire a 9mm NATO round. The Sniper Rifle M14 Sniper Rifle Its magazine fed, semi-automatic, and gas operated, and has seen an active service use for a very long time. Its supremely effective even at a distance beyond 500 meters, and can fire 750 rounds per minute. No wonder, a Navy SEAL still swears by the gun.

M82A1 Heavy Sniper Rifle This is a heavy sniper rifle and is very effective against targets like parked aircrafts, trucks, or ammunition dumps, radar cabins, etc. Militarily it is known as a "Special Applications Scoped Rifle" or SASR. The Assault Rifle M4A1 with SOPMOD Accessory Kit It's the weapon of choice, which is used by all Navy SEAL operators. The Navy in conjunction with the U.S Special Operations Command or USSOCOM was instrumental in developing what is known as the Special Operations Peculiar, or SOPMOD, Accessory kit that made this rifle even more effective, lethal, and versatile.

The Machine Gun M60E3 Machine Gun and MK43 Mod 0 This is a light machine gun; whose operational features are that it is gas operated and air cooled. A disintegrating M13 link belt provides it with a 7.62mm round firing power.

Introduced way back in 1957, this weapon is still used by Navy SEALs, although, in its many variants. The M60E3 is a lightweight version whereas the M60E4 is a designated MK43 Mod 0 version. This is just an overview of the weapons that are used by Navy SEALs and is by no means the complete list.

However, one thing is certain; all the weapons are deadly and provide all the help the SEALs need, in their dangerous missions.

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