Bolivia From La Paz to La Guerra - La Paz ? the capital of Bolivia ? is about four thousand kilometre above sea level.

SEC Needs Rules and Regulations Overhaul - The Securities and Exchange Commission or SEC needs a complete overhaul of the rules and regulations.

Canada Immigration Visas - The government of Canada has embassies with immigration offices in almost every country of the world.

Washington DC Still Flooding and They Deserve It - Washington DC is under a flood watch this week and already many Government Buildings such as the United States Justice Department, The Internal Revenue Service and the National Archives have closed due to flooding with more to follow.

Wheres the Outrage Remember August - In August the news is supposed to slow.

Illegal Aliens and Paper Card Social Security Cards - One of the big problems with illegal aliens is that they can so easily get forged documents and fake ID cards.

Grandma Hillary Clinton Running for Office - Will Hillary Clinton become a grandmother before she runs for president of the United States of America? That will certainly be interesting won?t it? Grandma Hillary Clinton for president.

Oil Pollution and What It Is Doing to our World - Needless to mention, this is a very complex and sensitive subject.

FDA Needs Rules and Regulations Overhaul - The FDA needs to reduce its rules and regulations to help the market place participate in capitalism and help the consumer and the American people so they can enjoy lower prices, better quality products and safer foods.

The Cult In Multiculturalism - Presidential hopeful John McCain went to New York City's New School to give a commencement address.

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