Bolivia From La Paz to La Guerra

La Paz ? the capital of Bolivia ? is about four thousand kilometre above sea level. The President of this country, Morales, must have a good overview from this height. Still we all should wonder whether his vision point in a comfortable direction.First his friends, the president of Venezuela ? who is just reported amongst the hundred most influencing people "who are shaping our world," according to Time (http://www.

time.com/time/2006/time100/). His other companion is Fidel Castro. He is not on the same list and that seems reasonable, because after more than forty years in Cuba his Time is ending.Nationalizing the gas and oil companies ? the issue that is currently at stake - will leave this president with a lot more than two enemies.

The companies were given an ultimatum to increase the contributions with about 400 million dollar (if I'm not mistaken).Only a few months ago, when receiving his presidency, the world could observe the new president of Bolivia wearing a sweater instead of a suit. That might have been a signal ? it was a collared sweater.

Showing the cameras "this is only the beginning.".Bolivia wants a change. And they may not at all be wrong.

Argentina ? its' neighbouring country ? sold its petrol industry for a much too low price and it is wise to learn from mistakes that others have made.But will Bolivia be able to stand up against the world, against the rules of finance and investment? The European assembly wondered why this president didn't consult them before taking this extreme action. This could be interpreted as an impulsive and unprepared operation.

A step that is easily taken, but difficult to depart from to further negotiating steps.Presenting conflicts is easy, solving or preventing them and in the mean time negotiating a change is world class. Before showing up in the next Time 100 of most influencing people, President Morales will find some challenges on his way. 2006 Hans Bool.


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By: Hans Bool

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