The North Korean Empire Leader May Now Come Back to the Negotiation Table

Some say that The Emperor of North Korea must be glad that the United States and her allies are concentrating now on the Iranian Nuclear Weapons and Atomic Bomb Research manufacturing rather than what North Korea is doing. Indeed the Emperor of North Korean must be happy indeed to have the heat off right?.Oh he should not be, but now with his new image he has a huge following with the very beautiful and exotic blonde women here. He has a lot of respect now since he changed his image. Most Americans, especially the beautiful blonde women think he is "Hot" and so he is gaining lots of support.In fact we would never attack North Korea now, because the women just love this guy.

I think he has enough respect now, he could even come back to the negotiation table and make a deal to sell Ethanol for automobile fuel to the United States now. North Korea could be a very wealthy nation in no time again. And they would be so respected by our citizens and the women well they really like the Leader of the North Korean Empire now you see?.I think North Korean may become one of the leading nations in the region and very respected if they negotiate a deal to sell us ethanol and go easy on the talk of war.

North Korea has a strong man as a leader and very respected too. Consider this route of negotiation in 2006.


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By: Lance Winslow

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