How much will you and your children pay

How much will you and your children pay I never, ever believe most news reports simply because the media is usually driven by the dollar. (my humble opinion) and because of that I find they try to inject a healthy dose of sensationalism, so I will pay closer attention, or so they think. or that I will fear something or stand in awe of a person or situation.

The truth is I have been paying close attention to the feeble attempts of the moneyed people in the world trying to coerce me into thinking a certain way, for instance they woud have me believe that in politics there is a left and a right and God knows what drives the middle. There is no left and there is no right and if they can make you believe that, then they have won their case with you. It's the old game of divide and conquer. Wake up to the reality that politics is politics, and very often you will find that the policies of one party are the same with a few added twists as the other parties point of view. There are only so many rules and points of view in any country and for the most part, most parties share the same points of view, except where the opposing party wants to see some changes happen, then if it's a good change both parties should and often do have the same point of view Let me address something.

If you were a very wealthy person, and you owned a bank that had enough money to loan money to a country (yes, some are that wealthy). O.K.

so you loan money to a country, what would you ask in return? It's a given you would want your money back, right? As the creditor (bank) who has a loan out to that country, you would want to see that the situation in that country is in a condition to repay back that loan or loans very speedily. So you might just ask for a say in the countries' autonomous decisions as well. Politically, autonomy is used to refer to the self-governing of a people, so autonomy boils down to having a say in running the country. "wait" !!!!, you say We have control over the way our country is run, don't we ? Well the people that run the international banks have more say in how your country is run than you do, they have enough money to get people on their side to implement laws and changes, to permit them to do business, in the a manner that is to their monetary advantage. It's been that way since I can remember, and the corporations which are an extension of the international banks can, do, and will dictate a lot of things to you.

Companies are not a bad thing, lets face it, companies permit you to have and own things, it's when the companies do not do things in a manner that benefits the consumer, that we tend to get into trouble with it. When people who are working to produce goods for the companies, cannot afford to buy the things that the companies produce, we as a people tend to get into trouble. International Corporations often do not create the goods you buy in the country where you live, this is called outsourcing There are a lot of reasons for outsourcing products, but the main reason is usually it can be made cheaper elsewhere This means that somewhere in the world a person with a family to feed just like you is working for a VERY low wage, just so you can have that particular product.

There are only so many products that we actually need to make our life comfortable, anything more than that becomes a luxury We are being presented with an astonishing array of products that we truly do not need, in our day to day life, and what's more the advertising section of those companies I talked about are spending billions, yes I said billions, to sell you those products. The normal life span of a human is about 67 years, and the average human makes about 200 or so purchasing decisions a day. You might not act on that decision right away, but; usually, the decision becomes part of your entire purchasing plan.

These companies are spending billions of dollars, just to be one of those 200 or so choices. For instance, at some time in your life, you might want to buy a car. Each car company in the world will want to be the one to sell you that car. Now lets go a step further in this. A long time ago back in ancient history in the early 1900's, some people got the idea , " well, if I am trying to sell this person my product, wouldn't it better if i owned all the small companies that produced that product " Enter the Corporation. Before in advertising, you used to have different companies advertising that their product was better than the other companies' product and maybe that it was more economical to use it for example.

Then a large corporation bought all these smaller companies, and they didn't bother making it very public to the consumer, and didn't bother changing the ad campaigns, so that that product you were loyal to was owned by the same corporation as the competitors product, so now there is no difference literally in the product you buy or the people that sell it to you Very often, because of these policies, these products will cost you many more times than is necessary for you to puchase. The two points I'm trying to make here is are called, DECEPTION and NEEDLESS CASH FLOW. Very often you will run into deception and needless spending in things that you do every day. But do a reality check, the same thing is happening with your government. The money system is set up so that money (dollar bills and the smaller change) are created to pay for things. This money is paper and metal and as such is not worth very much.

This money is not backed by some mysterious hoard or stash of gold somewhere, it is backed by resources and work done of the people of any country that issues it. Yes gold is worth quite a bit as a precious metal, and so is silver, but it does not measure the wealth of any country, it is only part of resouces of the wealth of any country. The truth is that each country in the world can issue their own currency based on the resources of that country. The resources of a country can include, in partial lists for brevity 1. Land (includes structures built on land) 2. Energy (includes oil, natural gas, water produced energy, solar produced energy and wind produced energy) 3.

Minerals (includes gold, iron, silver, platinum, precious metals and gems) 5. Agriculture (includes crops grown for local consumption and grown for export) 5. Work (includes all work done by the people of that country, relating to the other parts of the list) You get the idea. So you can see that the money in itself is worth nothing, it's what the money represents that makes it have value.

Your government can issue it's own currency to handle the buying and selling that is involved in the day to day affairs of managing the above list. But most governments are not issuing their own currency, they are letting the international banks issue it for them. This is resulting in we the people having to go to the international banks for loans to underwrite the buying and selling that our respective countries do naturally every day.

We are having to pay needless interest on the loans we are taking out to run our countries, when we as a nation should be able to write our own currency and not have to pay interest on it at all. Again i would like to emphasize two points I made earlier, DECEPTION and NEEDLESS CASH FLOW Now maybe it might be more clear when I tell you that they want a say in how things are run in your country If the international banks and the corporations end up running all our countries by using the international banks to finance our countries and controlling the world's economic trade zones, we will not be able to make our own policies, make our own laws, own our own resources or benefit from our own work done. In short we will not be in control of our countries any more and will be living in our own countries as guests of the International banks and the corporations.

I, for one, do not want to pass this legacy on to my children. Contact your locally elected representative, and insist that he take this matter to your legislative assembly, and insist that your country changes the manner in which it does business Make sure that he knows that that is what you desire, if you don't speak up, you will be letting the International banks and the corporations sell the country out from under your childrens feet. You will find a page that contains a link to contact your locally elected representative in North America on my website on the lookups page My website is not a conspiracy site. This is happening in plain view, and without oversight.

My website is at: http://whitestone7.110mb.com/default.



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