Air Force Medical Team Performs Goodwill Mission In Thailand - Mainstream media likes to only report the negative military news.

How to Buy Navy SEAL Merchandise Navy SEAL Tshirts Luminox Navy SEAL Dive watches and more - US Navy SEALs work under some of the most treacherous working conditions and surroundings in the world.

The Past of Ancient Egypt Simplified - The long past Egyptian civilization is a great one, and you will be hard pressed to find anyone to disagree with you.

Iraq Study Group Calling Thomas Jefferson - Iraq - Paging Thomas Jefferson.

What Is A Guardian Angel - The concept of the guardian angel is one that has been present for centuries across a number of different cultures and belief systems.

AirForce CAP Emergency Services Search and Rescue And New Radios - This article is all about the AirForce C.

Iran and Nuclear Power - This article explains the situation about Iran and Nuclear power.

Six Years later A Failed Presidency - History will show George Bush to be a "Failed President".

Troop Surge in Iraq will deepen Quagmire - President Bush doesn't learn from history.

Nichts ist unmglich - Maurits Cornelis Escher war ein niederländischer Künstler und Grafiker.

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