The Peak Oil Crisis and Water Supply - Much is being made about the "Peak Oil Crisis" in the media today.

Do Blogs Dynamically Transform the Modern American Political Culture - Recently web logs, or blogs, have exploded in popularity and have come to occupy an increasingly important place in American politics.

The Power Of Flower Paintings - This article describes the beauty of flowers and what impact they have on houses with paintings of them.

Air Force Ammo Troops And Weapons Loader - What some units think is the greatest job in the Air Force.

President Bush and the GREAT MYTHS of Iraq - Iraq - Old Myths and New Realities.

Ten Most Famous Navy SEALs - Everyone, who has an aspiration of serving in the armed forces, harbors dreams of becoming a Navy SEAL, but only a small percentage, realize this dream.

How to get an elected official to listen in less than minutes - Offers tips, advice and real life stories from elected officials and staff on how to have an effective meeting with a member of Congress.

History Of Freshwater Cultured Pearls - The article summarizes how freshwater cultured pearls began, their history and current situation.

The Silence was Deafening - On June 20th International Refugee day passed without a whimper from the USA media.

Top Ten Plus One Reasons to Visit Thailand - If you are planning a vacation you should seriously consider visiting the Land of Smiles.

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