The Example Of Las Vegas

Now you can win big - really big time winnings - without leaving your chair, your home and much less, travelling around just to begin gambling. In recent years, gambling and betting have become activities, which form part of the travel and tourism industry; gambling has become one of the main attractions of many tourist destinations around the world. Las Vegas is perhaps the best known, but by no means the only one of such places.

But there are also towns and cities that reject the construction of casinos in their premises; this has a lot to do with the aspirations and desired lifestyles among the local population, and that should be better respected because in many cases it is not. Casinos bring in a lot of money, so it is tempting both for business people as well as municipal authorities to build one or more if they can, and in many cases they try to do so even against the vote or clear desires of the local people, and that is simply wrong and counterproductive. Around gambling and casinos there is still a little bit of a stigma; it is fading away indeed, but it still is there, and lobbying and doing things against clear desires of the local majority only help to reinforce the stigma because people will se how with good money in one's pockets, it is possible to bypass any law; that's corruption, and is perceived as such even if formally speaking, all procedures were correctly performed and all legal steps taken. It is not a matter of what is written in the low, but of the spirit and how the whole deal is perceived. Traditional casinos usually bring a lot of money to any town, but people may not desire to see the side effects of the whole thing; they might want tranquillity or to continue with their lives with no changes. The gambling industry should respect that as well as those who love gaming, especially if now there is a whole industry of virtual, internet-based gambling that offers the same thrills from the comfort of home.

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