Kirchner Improves Support Base in Congress - Argentine President Nestor Kirchner managed to strengthen his support base in the Congress when final results from weekend elections showed his backers took control of the Senate and became the largest bloc in the lower house.

Illegal Alien Boycott May Scheme Out of Gay and Lesbian Playbook - The illegal aliens from Mexico are going to teach all Americans a lesson on May 1, 2006 and they are taking a strategic plan right out of the Gay and Lesbian community?s playbook; they planned to boycott of American companies on that day and spend.

Who is Really to Blame for this Massive Illegal Immigration - Have you ever stopped to consider who is really to blame for our illegal immigration problems? Sure our United States Government has been lax in our enforcement, however are we really to blame for people wanting to come here so bad they break the.

Some People in the Middle East Think that the US cannot Defeat International Terrorism WTF - It is highly interesting that there are actually folks out there around the world that believe that the United States cannot defeat international terrorism.

Lie Detector Tests for All Politicians - Due to the number of scandals and political corruption in Washington D.

Time To Rethink Poverty Problem Editorial - August 11, 1971.

Homosexuality Running Ramped in Mexico - Homosexuality is running ramped in Mexico and this is causing tremendous problems for the United States as well.

International Terrorists Have More Rights Than President of the United States - Well now I have heard it all.

The Dilemma Of Human Rights Editorial - October 11, 1978.

Sean Hannity Direct and Sincere - Home Base: New York City, New York.

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