Sean Hannity Direct and Sincere

Home Base: New York City, New York.Persona: Sean is one of the most polite talk radio hosts on the air. He avoids crass name-calling and shoutdowns. Yes, he'll refer to "libs" as the reason that everything is going to Hell, but that's to be expected of a conservative talk radio host.

He prefers to rely on ad hominem arguments and glittering generalities to get the job done, rather than insults and hangu-ps . . . for the most part.Ego. He tries to do humble, and sometimes even pulls it off.

But Hannity has taken a "solemn vow" to protect us from the horrors of liberal thought, and solemn vows tend to lean towards the arrogant side of the ego spectrum. He sees himself as the quintessential patriot, so if he ever reads this he will appreciate it being updated on Independence Day. He also believes that anyone with any liberal leanings is not patriotic, which is another piece of evidence that he's arrogant enough to think that he's always right on every issue. In truth, he has a fair amount of logic in many of his arguments, but not so much as he'd like to imagine.Politics.

Oh, this one's a conservative of the highest order! I respect Hannity for his consistency. He's against gay marriage and too much gun control, and for just about anything George W. Bush supports . . .

with the exception of W's immigration policies. There isn't a known Democrat or liberal, however, that can't raise the Hannity ire by opening their mouth. If Hillary Clinton says the sun will rise in the East, Hannity will say her compass is wrong.Rhetoric. Hannity is fond of "shootouts" with those who oppose his political views. He will find a conservative viewpoint and a liberal viewpoint, and his idea of "moderating" the "debate" is to jump in on the side of the conservative guest.

This is the closest he gets to shouting down a caller; he's fond of talking over the liberal guest in these cases. His use of host-power (we don't have enough time, etc.) is most noticeable during these occasions as well.Quirks.

Sean Hannity believes wholeheartedly in conspiracies. He thinks the "liberal media" and the "libs" are always trying to secretly overthrow George W. Bush. This is his single greatest weakness; nobody cares enough about anything on Earth enough to coordinate a massive conspiracy - somebody somewhere is going to give up the secret because it's more valuable to open their mouth than close it.

He lacks this fundamental understanding of human nature.

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By: Terence Ward

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