AZ of Global Warming Fossil Fuels - Article deals with the relevance of fossil fuels in relation to global warming and climate change.

We Can Break Oil Addiction Permanently - Oil prices are skyrocketing, OPEC is taking control, and governments promote ineffective remedies.

We Could Fix the Gas Crises Tomorrow - How we can immediately fix the crises of high priced gas that confronts the United States and the World.

How Can We Detect and Stop Terrorist Acts from Happening - What things can be done to stop terrorists in the early stages of planning a terrorist attack?.

Hillary Clinton - Hillary Rodham Clinton, wronged the age old notion- politics is no more exclusive men?s affair, a lawyer by profession and a mother of one (Chelsea Clinton) Hillary is one of the most liked women rights political activist in US.

A Peaceful Powerful and Cost Effective Counter Terrorism Plan that Ordinary Citizens Can Embrace - Here is a remarkable counter terrorism proposal that was introduced by way of a gripping fiction book.

Obama Fallacy Will Open Gates of Hell in The Middle East - Hamas is waiting, and hoping, for an Obama victory in November.

Barack Obamas Church Climbing the Ladder - I watch the television news and I am in awe at the shallow political reporting being done about Barack Obamas church membership.

Karl Roves Sly Deal With Fox Wow This Is Really Inside Stuff No One Could Discern - Imagine my surprise when I went online recently and encountered this headline: "Karl Rove's Sly Deal With Fox".

The Amazing Power Of Print - For centuries the printed word has been able to sway people one way or another in many cases all because of what they read.

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