Hillary Clinton

She dared the President of the United States for his flawed foreign policies, criticized him publicly for attacking Iraq and also fought with undying spirits for women rights. Standing firmly in the male dominated world of politics, Hillary Rodham Clinton, wronged the age old notion- politics is no more exclusive men's affair. Till June 2008, Hillary was running as a Presidential nominee hopeful against party comrade Barrack Obama, who eventually won the closely fought race to White House.

A lawyer by profession and a mother of one (Chelsea Clinton) Hillary is one of the most liked women rights political activist in US. First American Lady to run for Public Office The former first lady had turned many milestones of American history. With many firsts already in her resume, Hillary, with hubby Bill Clinton's political blessings started her campaign for the countries highest post, President. Though, this could have been another 'first' if the rival Barrack Obama would not have spoilt the show with a closely fought nomination win. Still, she managed to add another 'first' to her remarkable political career; Hillary became the first lady to run for the Presidents office in American history. And not to forget, Hillary is the first lady to represent New York in the Senate.

Political Achievements Hillary has been the Chairwoman of the Task Force for National Health Care Reform in 1993. Hillary is also known for promoting National Wide immunization program against illnesses. Traveled to 109 countries Hillary has broken the record of the most traveled lady held by Pat Nixon.

She was the only prominent American figure who showed concerns against the treatment of woman by Taliban during their rule in Afghanistan. Hillary played a crucial role in launching the 'Vital Voices Global Partnership', an International initiative sponsored by the United States to promote the participation of women in political processes. The Lewinsky Scandal In 1998, she stood firmly behind her husband, President Bill Clinton, who was impeached for having a sexual affair with a white house intern named Monica Lewinsky. Hillary never doubted her husband until the President himself admitted his misgivings and apologized for the same in public. Hillary and Bill are still staying together with their daughter Chelsea after Bill completed his second term as President. Bill and Hillary's relationship was subjected to public debates and media criticism after the First Lady Hillary Clinton decided to stay with her husband despite his public embarrassment.

After many years of being together Hillary is still fond of him and finds former President interesting, energizing and a person full of life. Personal Details Born on October 26th, 1947 Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton is married to Bill Clinton, the 42nd President of United States of America. Apart from being a straightforward politician who never thinks in terms of personal or political gains, is a supporting wife too.

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