Water Crisis Contingency and Redundancy BackUp Planning

Many have worried about International Terrorist attacks in the United States from Al Queda and potential Nation State sponsors. Yet we so often worry about things like buildings, pipelines, rail yards and refineries. There is not too much mention of things like our enormous system of water infrastructure supplying our nation.Indeed International Terrorism is a bummer, but far worse are the number of deaths and the destruction caused each year by Mother Nature. If we get Earthquakes in CA, run out of water, some one blows up Hoover damn or if the lakes and Colorado river does not have the necessary supply then such a system can bring the water, I have been to many areas in this country in AZ and NM with no water, people have tanks and pick-up trucks and get the water and truck it in themselves, but for cities they need the water if and when it runs out, in 2003 four cities ran out I know of. Already some cities along the NE, WY, CO borders are in dire straights; a city in MT ran its wells dry too.

NM is in a world of hurt, AZ, SC is in jeopardy with delays on Desalination and over use with little attention to growth or consumption. California relies too heavily on the Colorado River for the Southern Section and something must be done.I propose that a company seek to secure options to attain water tank trailers in case of the need from such a catastrophe. Thus immediately putting our population base back into the flow of water along with FEMA for a contingency back-up plan. You see water is pretty important to all systems, human, economic development, populations, etc.

Having the capacity and system ahead of the game would be excellent, in the case of the Earthquake, we could potentially have rail lines out and trucks would be needed to bring in the water; Lots of it!.In the case of lakes without water due to droughts or the river running dry then the rail cars would divert and they would go to make the final drop water tanker deliveries at hospitals, universities, prisons, Military installations, etc. These are huge issues and the military could sit off shore and make water thru desalination and also fly water into military bases elsewhere, but that is like trading spit of spit, since waterways 8.2 pounds per gallon and jet fuel costs are prohibitive. Never the less we must have a comprehensive plan, as our civilization needs water no matter what.

Cities without water would have economic chaos and could lead to major problems. We need a legitimate plan and the company securing the assets to deliver water needs a possible contract with FEMA or Military or States and also be assured that the regulation streamlining is made easy. Consider all this in 2006.


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By: Lance Winslow

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