Conflict Over Water Rights Involves Los Angles Agriculture And Forestry Industries - Due to Los Angeles position in a semi-arid area, obtaining sufficient water is essential, particularly for such industries as agriculture and farming.

Gambling and the th century Rulers Part - The history of the 20th century is inseparably connected with wars, revolutions, forcible change of governments and other political cataclysms in which the leading role was often played by bright, extraordinary personalities - leaders, chiefs.

Miltons Veterans Memorial - Milton, this Ontario town just off of the 401 celbrates it's veterans.

Ancient Rome the city founded by Romulus - Exploring the origins of Rome the eternal city.

What is Absinthe - Absinthe is an ancient form of alcohol that is extremely popular throughout Europe and has recently started growing in popularity throughout North America.

European Special Operation Units - Today, the world has joined hands to battle the forces of terrorism which are threatening our nations.

History of Melayu - I was interested to find out more about the Malays.

Just So We Have Our Priorities Straight - In an era of real economic, political and international crises, it is incumbent upon the eletorate to communicate to its reprentatives in Washington to stop wasting time debating such issues as gay marriage and flag burning, and take up the real problems we face as a nation.

Richland County South Carolina Public Records - To find court records on a person on your own is a daunting task.

US Navy SEAL Fitness Training - It takes a lot to become a Navy SEAL.

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