What is Absinthe

Absinthe is an ancient form of alcohol that is extremely popular throughout Europe and has recently started growing in popularity throughout North America. What makes absinthe unique is its affects on it's drinker, as not only does it inebriate you like all forms of alcohol do, but absinthe causes mild hallucinations as well. These hallucinations are caused by the wormwood root, which is used to make all forms of absinthe.

Famous People Who Drank Absinthe Throughout Europe for the past several hundred years, absinthe has been a drink of choice for some of the brightest minds of our time, including Albert Einstein, Galileo, Michaelangelo, and Leonardo Davinci. It was popular among these brilliant minds as it was a symbol of status, a special drink only available to the truly enlightened ones. Over the years, absinthe has rapidly spread throughout Europe and several countries have developed their own brands of absinthe (specifically the Czech Republic, France, and Germany, but Spain, Switzerland, and many other nations within the European Union). While absinthe hasn't gained much popularity in North America yet, it is slowly gaining ground and becoming more popular with many of it's citizens.

Unfortunately, the US government has determined that absinthe is a controlled subtance, which prevents all alcohol retailers from selling it in their store. While it isn't illegal to posses or drink alcohol, it's controlled substance status makes it illegal to sell it in North America. Thankfully, the internet has made it very easy to buy absinthe online. Previously you would have to travel to France or the Czech Republic in order to buy absinthe (or have a friend pick some up while they travel to these countries). But now with the internet you can buy absinthe online as there are several absinthe stores available, and you can find information on the best places to buy absinthe at buy-absinthe.org.

Good luck in your absinthe adventures!.

Chris is an absinthe enthusiast and has started a central website where anybody can buy absinthe online.

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