US Navy SEAL Fitness Training

It takes a lot to become a Navy SEAL. It involves sheer grit, determination and a Navy SEALs workout session that is called 'Hell Week'! Any aspiring Navy SEAL needs to go through a thorough physical screening after which a series of rigorous training schedules are conducted. Physical Screening Test or PST This is a mandatory requirement for all aspiring Navy SEALs and no one is spared! It is so tough to pass this test that all candidates are almost always out of breath afterwards! Firstly the Navy SEAL will need to swim a length of 500 yards using breast or side stroke within 12.5 minutes.

This is followed by a 10 minute rest after which 42 push ups need to be performed in 2 minutes flat! After a brief rest of 2 minutes the Navy SEAL will need to do 50 sit ups within 2 minutes again followed by a 2 minute rest. After this a series of 6 pull-ups need to be done from a dead hang with no time limit to it. This is followed by a 10 minute rest after which 1.5 miles need to be run through within 11.

5 minutes. These are the bare minimum tests needed to check a Navy SEALs fitness level. The training sessions Once the candidate has passed the PST next comes a rigorous set of training sessions. Navy SEALs workout and training comprises of 3 phases.

The first is a 25 week course of basic underwater demolition / SEAL which is also known as BUD/S. This is then followed by a 4 week intensive training on military parachute such as HILO as well as HALO. After this the third phase involves a 19 week session of SEAL qualification training called SQT.

As compared to other training courses the Navy SEAL training comprises 11 months and hence is one of the lengthiest in the world! It is also one of the toughest as the Navy SEALs fitness levels are checked and need to be in excellent condition to overcome these physical tests. BUD/S ? 1st phase of training This first phase of Navy SEALs workout is held at San Diego at the Naval Special Warfare Center. Initially a 5 week INDOC or indoctrination course is started followed by 3 phases of physical conditioning which spans 8 weeks, diving practice which spans 8 weeks and finally land warfare tactics which span 9 weeks.

Military parachute ? 2nd phase This is conducted at the Military Freefall School and during this phase various Navy SEALs workout sessions are conducted. Candidates are trained on military freefalling tactics. SEAL Qualification Training or SQT ? 3rd phase This phase of a Navy SEALs training involves specialized knowledge acquisition with the help of special equipment and weaponry. It is only after a candidate is able to successfully pass the SQT that he or she officially earns the status of a US Navy SEAL.

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